Imagine you are trying to find out your best wedding vendor for your unique dream day, and you are continuously in touch with someone, but after some time, you come to know that you are dealing with the wrong person, and you could be at risk financially. Yes, it has happened with one of the users.SetMyWedreviews matter a lot to help customers find their vendors without worries. So being a responsible wedding portal set, we have decided that it that we should inform our beloved people that they should be aware of such scams and fraudulent activities so that they can be safe and secure at any cost. If our vendors and end customers are happy, only then we find a reason to survive in this temporary market. So be safe and participate in keepingsetmywedreviews more positive.

Before booking any vendors post before making any kind of transaction, kindly do across verification that your money is going to the right bank account. Do not share your OTP password for any other financial information with anyone. If anyone claims to be part of a set my weight and price to make money from your pockets, then do a cross-verification and ask for each and every information on your mail. Check out there mail ID is official or not or having complete information about themselves. To a close verification by going to the official website of setting my wed. All the bank details and other information can be found on the official website of setting my wed.

Before making any transaction through UPI or other internet platforms, transit a small amount and then confirm whether the setmywed team has received it or not. After that, you may proceed further. Kindly focus that you are not supposed to transfer a big amount in one go. It is to be noticed that one can make the payment directly through the website, which can be a more secure and safe way for any kind of transaction, and that can make you get rid of any risk.

We would request to each and everyone out there if you find any kind of fraudulent activity anywhere related to set my wet kindly contact the officials of setting my wed team and help us to make a working procedure smoother and safer and help us to keep setting my wed reviews positive and free of any kind of scam.

On the other hand, if anyone wants to share any information or ask for any money, kindly ask for each and every piece of information on your mail and check out whether the mail is from setting my wed official account, i.e.,

We are trying to keep vendors risk-free and safer so kindly help us in the same and it’s still if you face any problems or you have any queries or confusion, kindly write us

Kindly notice that set my wed does not endorse any broker or any agency that claims to be part of set my wed. We directly deal with each and every vendor, even end customers, so do not associate with any agency or any brokers that claim to be a part of setting my wed. If you come to know about each agency or any broker, kindly let us know.



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