Moga : A family was torn apart due to a temporary pit built in Daroli Bhai. Seeing her daughter fall into the pit, the mother jumped without thinking. But both died.

While defecating in village Daroli Bhai of Moga, a two-and-a-half-year-old girl fell into the pit of defecation due to breaking of the lens. To save the girl, her mother jumped into the pit. Seeing the wife and daughter falling into the pit, the father jumped after them. On hearing the noise, the villagers gathered on the spot and after a lot of effort, they took out the person who had fallen in the pit alive, but due to the delay, the mother and her child could not be saved. After the accident, the police reached the spot and started further action by taking possession of the dead bodies.

In the house of village Daroli Bhai falling under Thana Sadar, a toilet was built by the family by digging a pit temporarily. Some time ago, a lantern was put on this pit by the family. At around 6 am on Friday, when Simran Kaur came out with her two-and-a-half-year-old daughter, Noor, sitting on the toilet to defecate, she heard the sound of something falling from behind. As soon as she ran back, she saw that her daughter had fallen into the pit of defecation due to the break of the lens.

Due to this, without thinking anything, Simran also jumped into the pit. When Simran’s husband Balkar Singh, sitting in the room inside the house, heard her screaming from outside, he also ran towards the toilet pit and without thinking anything jumped behind his wife and his daughter. People gathered there when there was noise during the accident. The villagers started trying to get the three family members out of the pit with a rope.

Somehow Balkar Singh was pulled out alive from the pit with a rope, but due to the delay, people could not save Simran and her daughter Noor. Balkar Singh was immediately brought to the Civil Hospital in Moga as his condition was not good. As soon as the information about the incident was received, the Sadar police reached the spot and took possession of the dead body of the mother and daughter and sent it to the civil hospital for post-mortem.


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