Despite the water of Yamuna in Haryana depleting by 40 per cent in the last five years, there has been no shortage in Delhi’s drinking water supply. The state itself is facing water crisis in southern Haryana due to providing adequate water to Delhi. The state government firmly put its stand in the Supreme Court, due to which the contempt petition of the Delhi Jal Board was dismissed.
The state government is now waiting for the written copy of the Supreme Court’s decision. After that, the Water Resources and Irrigation Department will give a detailed presentation of the drinking water supply to Delhi on behalf of the Haryana Government. In which the details of year-wise drinking water supply and the figures of water reduction in Yamuna will be presented.
Haryana has advised Delhi to rectify 30 per cent of its pageal distribution losses to address the crisis, as Delhi’s 2017 Economic Survey report mentions 20 per cent of water losses. Which the water experts of Haryana consider to be at least thirty percent.
Water expert Dr. Satbir Kadian says that if Delhi improves the drinking water distribution system, then the water crisis can be overcome to a great extent. Delhi is not mobilizing new resources to deal with the water crisis, which is increasing the burden on Haryana. According to the 1994 agreement, the share of Delhi becomes 719 cusecs, but in 1996, the Supreme Court had ordered 1049 cusecs of water. Since then Delhi has not got one cusec less water supply.
Water is continuously decreasing in Yamuna
According to the Water Resources and Irrigation Department, 3500-4000 cusecs of water used to live in Yamuna five years ago, which is now 1000-1100 cusecs only. Due to less water in Yamuna itself, the share of Delhi automatically gets reduced, yet Haryana has supplied drinking water according to the order of the Supreme Court. Haryana’s water distribution system has been disturbed due to less than 25 percent water in Bhakra and 30 percent in Ranjit Sagar Dam. Haryana is not getting the full water of Bhakra’s share.


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