Suketri Ration Distribution bounced Social Distancing

25 June, Suketri. There is no fear of Coranavirus among the people who came to collect ration because no one from them was either following social distancing or was wearing masks as prescribed by the Government.

Suketri Ration Distribution bounced Social Distancing

It is known to all that PM Narendra Modi has ordered every state and city to distribute 5 kgs Ration and Pulses to those who can not earn much during the pandemic coronavirus period. The distribution was held in the evening from 5 pm to 7 pm. The biggest problem was the huge gathering to collect the ration. The Residents rushed to the alleged place to take ration after hearing the announcement of ration distribution in the gurudwara. The crowd was overwhelming and sue to this all of them forgot to follow the guidelines prescribed by the Government. Noone was following social distancing. No one was wearing masks. There was no availability of soaps and sanitizers.

We all know that coronavirus is spreading rapidly. Total Coronavirus cases in India have increased to more than 4 lakhs. WHO has estimated that next week total corona cases will cross 1 crore. If such kind of carelessness will be followed, again and again, Coronavirus will surely spread havoc in India.


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