Nepotism in India

Not only Bollywood or Hollywood, but It is also prevalent in every public domain like Politics, Sports, Entertainment industry, etc. and it is a socio-political Evil that promotes discrimination

Right from the death of legendary Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput, nepotism, groupism, and corporate politics have become topics of talk on social media platforms, especially on twitter. It is evident that nepotism is one of the biggest worldwide issues. Not only Bollywood or Hollywood, but It is also prevalent in every public domain like Politics, Sports, Entertainment industry, etc. Today Team Humari Baat will talk about nepotism in every field in detail and will provide solutions to counter nepotism.

Nepotism Vs Talent Explained in Detail
Nepotism Vs Talent Explained in Detail

Nepotism in Politics

Nepotism in Politics means to grace the Monarchy government using democracy. There are many big political parties like Congress, Samajwadi Party, Shiv Sena, etc who indirectly or directly have applied nepotism in politics. Rahul Gandhi might be highly educated but what if he was not the son of Rajiv Gandhi. Let us assume that Rahul Gandhi who is highly educated and is not the son of “Rajiv Gandhi”. What should he have to do to reach on Top of a particular political party? You can see the difference in the journey of Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi.

Nepotism, Groupism in Bollywood

It is the age-old topic in Bollywood. Kangana Ranaut was the first Bollywood superstar who raised the issue of nepotism. Initially, the issue was however not spoken much. But after the demise of Sushant Singh Rajput, many other Bollywood celebs like Shekhar Kapoor, Vivek Oberoi, Dharmendra, Raveena Tandon, Sonu Nigam also talked on this issue. The issue is pointing fingers against three major Bollywood Celebs like Karan Johar, Salman Khan, and Alia Bhatt. The issue is not Today’s, Legendary Bollywood Star Dharmendra has told a big media group that Bollywood’s groupism and nepotism are not new, all this has been witnessed during his period too. Megastar Madhuri Dixit in 1998 also slammed Bollywood groupism and critics by quoting “I dedicate this award to my so-called critics who were hinting that I should pack my bags or something”. Actually she was targeted by Bollywood paid critics like Subhash K Jha and directors like Rakesh Roshan. Even after return, she openly stated that even after having the top spot in Bollywood she does not has made friends in Bollywood. Vivek Oberoi’s career was broken by Salman Khan. Kangana directly targets Karan Johar and Social Media trends label him as the father of Nepotism.

Instead of repenting for their mistakes, the children of many film stars are running a paid trend on Twitter to vindicate themselves right with nepotism.

Apart from the two fields, Nepotism is prevalent in sports, government, and private-sector jobs too. We can even say that nepotism is also one of the factors that trigger corruption in the Government sector. We can see many star players kids are given more privilege to get selected in trials.

How to eliminate Nepotism in Bollywood?

Bollywood earns through public. The first thing we need to let the Bollywood rich tycoon think that Bollywood actors are normal human beings and we should treat them as only actors or professional entertainers only. They should not be treated as heroes or heroines. They are not intellectual either. It is true that they are the public figures and everyone’s opinion matters. But it does not mean that they are intellectuals. Second thing, we must watch films considering its content and accept actors considering their performances. We must not listen to the critics because most of them are being paid by Bollywood producers. We must rely on the reviews of the people from websites like Bookmyshow and IMDB. Another major initiative that can be taken by the government also that only Mumbai should not be the only center of Bollywood. Mumbai is Marathi speaking land and Hindi speaking cities of UP, Harayana, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh can be other centers of Bollywood censor certification. Any of Chandigarh, Dehradun, Gurgaon, Jaipur, Lucknow, Shimla can be the second option for Bollywood Filmcity. It will bring more career platforms for aspiring actors.

How to eliminate Nepotism?

Nepotism in Politics can be removed in two ways. One is by electing the one who does not belong to any monarchy. Second is by making a strong democratic alliance within the party. It means every post within the party also must be chosen through votes. Doing this we can bring better candidates for major profiles like prime ministership, chief ministership, etc.

While the most perfect solution to counter nepotism is to change our thoughts and working style. While sitting on any important post, we must think that the successor should be chosen on the basis of talent, requirements, and qualifications, not on the basis of powerful bloodline.


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