After kidnapped a juvenile girl from her home in Baghpat, Uttar Pradesh, a spectacular gang-rape crime has come to light. When the relatives went to the accused’s house to complain, they were held hostage for 24 hours, according to reports. Both of the defendants in the case have been charged by the police.

Two youths abducted and raped a youngster from the Baraut police station area in Baghpat, Uttar Pradesh, late Tuesday night. The girl arrived at her house in a dizzy state and told her family about her ordeal.

When the accused’s relatives arrived to lodge a complaint, they were held captive for 24 hours. The family members were released on Wednesday morning, despite threats of retaliation. The crime was reported to the Kotwali police by the victim’s family. The accused has been charged by the police.

Kidnapped from home, then committed the crime
According to the information, two youths from the Baraut area kidnapped a teenager from his home on Tuesday evening. The accused kid then brought her to the woods and carried out the gang event with her. In a horrible situation, the girl called her relatives and told them about the occurrence. The family’s senses were blown away when they heard about the girl’s incident.

Parents released after 24 hours
On the victim’s complaint, relatives were taken hostage when they arrived at the accused’s home. Not only that, the suspect also threatened to kill him. The suspect released the family members after 24 hours and threatened them with the consequences. Relatives took the victim to Kotwali, where they informed the police about the entire incident. According to the police, the suspect has been reported to family members. The girl is a minor, she has been sent for medical examination. The police are investigating the whole affair. The suspect will be arrested shortly.


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