Six universities or institutes and five medical colleges have been selected for setting up of Sports Science Departments and Sports Medicine Departments.

However, the scheme is under the NCSSR scheme, throughout the country, based on selection criteria like accreditation, permanent faculty, publications/patents, requirement of funds, national/international cooperation as well as proposal and presentation made by them.

However, this scheme aims to support high level research, education and innovation with respect to high performance of elite athletes. The scheme has two components: (i) setting up of NCSSR centre and (ii) providing support (funding) for setting up of Sports Sciences Departments and Sports Medicine Departments in selected Universities/Institutes and Medical Colleges respectively.

As per the sources, The objectives of the scheme are implemented through Sports Authority of India (SAI) and the selected universities, institutes or medical colleges across the country and a net amount of Rs 62.61 Crore has been released since inception of the scheme. Funds are not sanctioned/released state-wise. Further, review of the scheme takes place from time to time to achieve the desired objectives of the scheme.


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