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India is a country which is considered as the mother’s incarnation. Even people who believe in the Sanatan dharma regard maternal power as the best of all. Therefore, they believe in Goddess Durga who is regarded as the goddess of power and strength. Hereby we have – Ten Inspiring women of India after Independence.

Keeping this in mind here is the list of 10 Inspiring Women who are influencing many lives. Before the list let us remind The Rani of Jhansi, “Manikarnika Lakshmi Bai. She is one lady from the past who still is inspiring many soldiers, women and hence she is regarded as a symbol of empowerment. She was an inspiration to Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Shaheed Rajguru, Shaheed Sukhdev, Shaheed Azad. She also inspired Shaheed Subhash Chandra Bose and hence he created “Rani Lakshmi Bai Regiment” in his “Azad Hind Fauz”. A day beforeYesterday was her Birthday, we are late but for sure this is a tribute to her from Team HumariBaat.

Kalpana ChawlaKalpana Chawla among 10 Inspiring WomenKalpana Chawla was a NASA scientist and astronaut. She was born in Karnal of Haryana. She was the first Indian to go for American citizenship. She completed the first flight of space with the STS 87 Columbia shuttle in a period from November 19, 1997, to December 5, 1997. During her first visit to space, she spent 372 hours in space and completed 252 orbits of the Earth. In order to return to the Earth on February 1, 2002, the ship was broken in the orbit of Earth. Six other astronauts also died in Kalpana in this incident. Although she may not be physically present with us, every girl or boy who is interested in space wants to be like Kalpana Chawla.

Saina Nehwal among 10 Inspiring WomenSaina Nehwal –Saina Nehwal is the Indian badminton player and the world’s one of the best female badminton players and is the first Indian to reach this point. She is also the first Indian to win a medal in badminton in the Olympics. On August 4, 2012, Saina won the Bronze Medal at the London Olympics. She is the first Indian and first Indian woman after Prakash Padukone to become the number one international badminton player. In addition, she is the first Indian to win the World Junior Badminton Championship and Super Series Tournament. Saina got a lot of help from the Olympics Gold Quest. There is a long list of Saina’s accomplishments, but she will remain one and the only. Her this legendary streak in badminton is inspiring many male and female badminton players, making her name rightly spot in 10 inspiring Indian women list.

Lata Mangeshkar among 10 Inspiring WomenLata Mangeshkar –Bharat Ratna Lata Mangeshkar is India’s most popular and respected singer, whose term of six decades is filled with endless achievements. Though Lata di has sung in both filmi and non-filmi songs in more than thirty languages, she has been identified as a leading playback singer in Indian cinema. Lata di has been the biggest contributor to the film singing with her sister Asha Bhosle. Her singing stature is too high that no other singer till date has reached that level. Lata Di has been inspiring many youngsters and teaching one lesson to all that Hindustani Classical music is the epitome of purity that no other kind of music can bring.

Kiran Bedi –Kiran Bedi is an Indian politician, social activist, past tennis player, and retired police officer. Kiran Bedi joined Police Service (IPS) in 1972 and became India’s first female officer. At a teenage, Bedi became the national junior tennis champion. After joining IPS, Kiran Bedi has served in Delhi, Goa, and Mizoram and started her tenure as Police Commissioner (DCP) from Chanakyapuri, Delhi. In 1979 she won the President Police Medal. In May 1993, she was sent as an Inspector General (IG) in the Delhi Prison. She made many improvements in Tihar Jail, where she was awarded the Raman Magsaysay award in 1994 for his efforts. In 2003, Kiran Bedi became the first woman to be appointed by the United Nation for civilian police adviser. But she resigned in 2007. So that she can focus on writing on social activities and articles. She wrote many books and also running the India Vision Foundation. She also became one of the leaders of the 2011 corruption free India and joined the Bharatiya Janata Party in January 2015. She is now Lieutenant Governor of Puducherry. In a conversation with many Policemen, Team HumariBaat found that they are inspired by her.

Neerja among 10 Inspiring WomenNeerja Bhanot –Neeraja’s sacrifice had not only hurt India but Pakistan too. The government of India honored Neerja with the highest gallantry award ‘Ashok Chakra’ for bravery. How can someone be so brave that only at the young age of 23 years, one can save lives of 360 people at the cost of one’s own life? Yes, that’s the amazing and inspiring and should repeatedly be talked about. Her character is encouraging that equals the height of the Himalayas and humanity within her also made a big difference that surpassed the Mount Everest. By placing her duties, when the woman said the goodbye to the world. The name of that motivational character “Neerja Bhanot” should be taught to upcoming generations in schools, temples, mosques, and churches. It was the date of 5th September 1986, 31 years ago, Neerja saved 360 people by giving her life. That is why she one of the 10 inspiring women in India

Mother Teresa among 10 Inspiring WomenMother Teresa –Mother Teresa, the child of Albanian parents in Yugoslavia, is a great honor for our nation India, she got the Indian citizenship. In 1948, Mother Teresa was very disturbed by the terrible poverty spread in the India especially for those who were homeless or were living in slums only. With the permission of the Twelfth Pope, Mother Teresa founded the ‘Missouri of Charity’ which was an organization devoted entirely to the service of the poor. Mother Teresa joined this institution and took citizenship of India and went on to complete her work. Along with the distorted people, the center of service to Mother Teresa became leprosy patients, which the society used to see in terms of hatred. Mother Teresa performed this service with selflessness and gave her institution a way to serve the whole world, for which she was awarded the Raman Magsaysay Award of the Peace and International understanding of the year 1962.

Madhuri Dixit among 10 Inspiring WomenMadhuri Dixit Nene-She is the queen of the silver screen who is spending her artistic work with dignity. She is the fan favorite, popular, super successful and at the same time very much cultured. In a survey of most inspiring Bollywood female celeb. 40% of People has chosen Madhuri Dixit in a list of 25 female Bollywood celebs. Her fantastic Acting, super dance and the magnificent smile is the reason why every girl from 1990s wanted to be as “Madhuri Dixit Nene”. In a short, she is Megastar in public eye and just a normal person in front of her family.

Sunita among 10 Inspiring WomenSunita Krishnan –Sunita Krishnan who then was just 15 years of age, when 8 rascals raped her. For others mistake, she was excluded from society. But thereby she made a loud voice of injustice and harassment with her. And today she is fighting against sexual violence and human trafficking. Her organization “Prajvala” is taking care of the education of five thousand children of sex workers.
Yes, she does the work. Sunita Krishnan is fighting for neglected society today. So far there have been 14 attacks on her. And one of their colleagues was also murdered. We should join her and support to feel our inner sensation. We only have to break our silence for this noble cause.

RubikaRubika Liyaquat –The Zee News Anchor is the best set example of one of the most emerging star anchors. In a survey done in Chandigarh, Dehradun, Jaipur, Gurgaon and 15 other northern cities Rubika Liyaquat is turned out to be the most popular and people’s favorite female anchor. She was favorite of almost 45% of total data calculated. She is a great inspiration and an emerging Muslim icon of the Nation. Her rightful voice against unlawful act and aggression are now being compared to Arnab Goswami in the survey.

Sania MirzaSania Mirza –Sania Mirza was born in Mumbai and her father Imran Mirza was a sports commentator and her mother used to work in a private printing company. She is the first female superstar of sports in India.From 2003 until her retirement from singles in 2013, she was ranked by the Women’s Tennis Association as India’s No. 1 player, both in singles and doubles. Throughout her career, Mirza has established herself as the most successful female Indian tennis player ever and one of the highest-paid and high-profile athletes in the country. Besides being an exceptional tennis player, Sania faced a lot of controversy for her tennis attire – of wearing shorts while being an Indian Muslim. But she stood up for herself and still stands by her decision to wear the right attire for her sports career. She has gained an immense following of many other Indian women who have now pursued their careers in sports as well.

(Note – The list is not ordered in any format)


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