Bollywood is one of the most influential body of our nation. It is one industry that is directly in contact with public. In many cases Bollywood opens up and share thoughts on many instances. For Padmavati case too, Shabana Aazmi was ready to sign a petition in the favor of Deepika which is fair enough but what about her views on Kulbhushan Jadav and the way Pakistan is dealing with his family members. Not a single Bollywood entity talked about the statements that Hafiz Saeed was uttering in Pakistan rally. Not a single Bollywood personality uttered and aware rightfully to the audience on Pakistan Issue.

Triple Talaq is a syndrome that is totally against women self esteem of a community. Team Humari Baat is asking Bollywood why the three liberal Khans are not awaring Muslim men to welcome that bill and accept it. We, Team Humari Baat know that by just an acceptance tweet for the bill by the most respected men, will surely make an impact on them.

Hafiz Saeed is provoking many people in his rally and bad mouthing against India. He was even talking bad about Kulbhushan Jadav, but no Bollywood celeb has never said or tweeted against them. Are they fearing the loss of commercial profit at ticket counter from Pakistan? or They are only bothered about the friendship and soft relationship with Pakistan. We are again on an urge to boycott Pakistan wholesome.

Why Liberal Akhtar ji is silent? Why Empowered Dixit ji is silent who is influencing women across Indian subcontinent? Why Kapoor ji and sons are silent? and Why the great Bachchan ji is not speaking on this?

Pakistan is showcasing its true colors and still Bollywood is willing to maintain a cordial relationship with them. The Indian Audience want answers.


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