We are very much delighted to announce that our national National Language “Hindi” will soon be recognized as an official language in the World. While addressing in the Parliament, our honorable External Affair Minister has addressed that the process of making Hindi as an Official Language in the world has been initiated. Hindi is one the most spoken languages in the world.

Where is Hindi standing in World Languages?

If we go by statistics, Hindi is 4th most spoken language of the world, even though it is not among the official languages of the world. On the top is China’s Mandarin which is having 1197 million native speakers, following to it is Spanish which is having 400 million native speakers. Amazingly, English is having almost 335 million native people who are speaking English and Hindi is just 40 million lesser and having 300 native speakers, if we add Urdu native speakers (from both India and Pakistan) then Hindustani dialect will be 450 million which is higher than both English and Spanish. Another Indian Language that is in the list of top 10 most spoken language is Bengali which is having 150 million native speakers from Bangladesh, West Bengal, Bihar and Assam. If we exclude Bangladesh than number would be Approx. 50 million people.

What External Affair Minister Smt. Sushma Swaraj Said?

While addressing the Parliament she said “The method of making Hindi an official is quite tough job because UN is having a voting system in which all the countries who are voting for making a language official need to support by contributing to monetary aids. Eventually She has to deal with the states who are quite poor in economy. But she has successfully convinced many nations for that. She is 100% sure that she will definitely convince other nations to meet the majority mark.

If this will happen then we are sure that for any foreigner who so ever is willing to come to India for a job or education need to learn Hindi first.

The Most important requirement to make our nation as “Hindi Nation” is to let our future generation know about the importance of Hindi Dialect. This can only be done when parents will give this cause a real importance.


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