In 2007, Madhuri Dixit’s upcoming movie Aaja Nach was supposed to bring a big bang in the nationwide. This was the big movie for Madhuri Dixit’s film career. Madhuri Dixit was biggest superstar of 1990s. In the late nineties, Madhuri Dixit had got married after her ever successful innings of Bollywood. In 2002, she went to America by delivering a memorable role of Chandramukhi in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Devdas.

Madhuri had finished her period in Bollywood. But in 2007, she was ready to knock her second round of Yash Raj’s film Aaja Nach le with full intention of scripting and rolling her mind. The credibility of Yash Raj Banner in Bollywood and Madhuri’s comeback had already given the film a very good publicity. Before the release, the songs of the movie were getting popular. The atmosphere of a successful movie was almost ready but then a small controversy arose. Rather say that a dispute was raised.

The title song of the movie was expressed objection to a word. A Dalit leader of Delhi, giving objection to this, gave a byte to a news channel that the lyrics of the song are an insult to a particular community. They will oppose this film. The statement of a lesser-known Dalit leader in Delhi started running in the big bakery straps of news channels. Almost all the news channels broke down on this paid news.

Madhuri’s song was played in one window in a window format on the news channel’s screen and the Dalit leader’s statement was in the second window. At first it seemed that it might be the publicity stunt of the film’s producers. By adopting such workable prescriptions, there was already a trend of extracting extra footage from the film. But after seeing the matter, it became quite big.

The other Dalit leader who was opposing by referring to that speedy word of Tile Song was exposed at pacer speed that the other news channels had lied to this news. There was no such big leader who had left Dalit politics, who did not raise his voice in protest of the film by expressing his opinion on the issue of Dalit insults. It was a matter of fact that if the Dalit leader protested by issuing the statement, then why should others are not protesting? The mutual rivalry of dalit politics made the issue a mountain.
The matter sprang so much that its echo was heard in the Parliament. The Republican Party of Ramdas Athawale demanded a bribe of the objection on the one word in the whole country. The National Commission for Scheduled Castes summoned both singer and songwriter. As usuals, The posters of the film and Madhuri’s cutouts started burning. The statement was released that the theater in which the film will be shown will be blown. So Mayawati’s government of UP banned the release of the film in its state. UP was huge market for the film Punjab, Haryana also banned the movie. The ban on the movie was also started in other states.

The need to eliminate the dispute word was then changed after the order of the censor board. But they do not seem to be of any benefit to film and to be blockbuster film went flop.

Padmavati and now Padmavat is the current tool and politics remained same. State government surrendered in front of Rajput community and states like Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Haryana have banned the release of the film. The Supreme Court has issued a notification and rejected the ban on the release of the states. But the protesters are still stuck. If the blockage on the release was lifted, the community warned for more swear destruction of the film. The controversy over Padmavat has increased so much that it is not possible to compensate for the loss.


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