A prime minister is the post taken by a member parliament who is elected by the people to be the head of the government that will take care of entire nation. He is the one who is heading the government is not the head of the nation. Because Government’s major aim is to serve the nation or a state to manage and create a strong mechanism, communication within legislature, administration, and judiciary. So any leader who is leading the public can be described as a charioteer who leads the path that will be followed by the followers.

A Leader’s major duty is to serve the public. Because they are leaders so they should be protected and should be given respect. But they surely should not be given VIP treatment. A PM represents a nation too in all the ways, He or she or other is our choice so we must respect his pathway and must given enough time to present both good governance and development.

On the contrary, if we talk about VIP treatment, many people have bought huge amount on travel to visit a holy place, they are standing in a queues, mothers have held kids, handicapped people trying hard to have their number, immediately a leader is coming their, police standing there tell them to give the leaders a way before them. A passage of VIP cars are always a reason that increases jam on Roads. Why can not they travel when traffic is lesser on Roads.

Our honorable PM, Shri Narendera Modi is doing brilliant things but removing a VIP culture is important to make leaders think that they are serving the nation, they should not be considered as a ruler. Public have made them leaders, they are chosen by the people, for the people and of the people.

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