Scientists analyzing the oldest fossilized microbes say that the aliens in the universe can be a very common than our thinking. Its study also indicated that life on Earth began about 3.5 billion years ago.

University of California, Los Angeles, and University of Wisconsin-Madison, scientists found that the two species they studied have demostrated in the initial form of photosynthesis, others produced methane gas and others two absorbed methane and used it to make cell wall. These micro-organisms from Western Australia are 3.465 billion years old.

The existence of different groups of different groups had developed very early in the history of the earth, by getting evidence of this, the ideas have been strengthened, in which the existence of life in the universe has been spoken of anywhere else. That is why it would be impossible to say that there was a rapid development on the ground of life whereas it did not occur anywhere else.

Professor J. William Shouf at UCLA said, “Life came into existence only 3,465 billion years ago, which was clearly the initial light synthesizer, methane producer, methane user.” Many of them are also claiming that hope the gods we are worshiping are these aliens, who are zillion times advanced than us.


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